We put AI in Portfolio Management

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Innovation Programs

Business leaders are routinely challenged to place bets on innovations that will deliver the best value for their customers and organizations. Picking the winners (and losers) from a basket of projects and making resource allocation decisions is the art of portfolio management. We help innovation leaders increase the transparency of their existing R&D portfolios, track a pipeline of promising ideas, and improve their decision making by incorporating real-time performance metrics into a balanced risk-reward decision model.

Alliances and Partnerships

Companies that succeed at bringing disruptive innovations to market depend on collaborations with other companies and academic partners. We help companies maximize the impact of their alliances and partnerships by improving the operational efficiency across organizations, accelerating the transfer of knowledge between partners, and adapting the engagement model based on measured success.

Key Opinion Leaders

Clinical thought leaders are important partners for biotech, pharma, and medical device companies. We help our clients identify the best KOLs for their specific business objectives. Our advanced algorithms continuously monitor and adapt to the changing scientific landscape, profile lists of potential KOLs, and recommend KOLs that best fit your needs.